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Call to conquer scientific, technology frontiers


President Mugabe has urged young Zimbabweans to conquer the frontier of new scientific and technological knowledge to develop their nation. Addressing Zimbabwean students here on Monday night, President Mugabe challenged youths to push the boundaries in the quest for excellence, rallying the nation to disprove the notion that black people were incapable of being the agents of their own development. The remarks came after the country’s Ambassador to Tehran, Mr Nicholas Kitikiti, and his wife hosted a dinner for President Mugabe and Zimbabwean students in Iran.

President Mugabe said: “Yes we’re part of Africa, yes we’ve been colonised; but we want to distinguish ourselves by being an African country that is very, very ambitious.
“We are forward-looking and determined to prove that we are not inferior to those who colonised us yesterday. And we can only do that when our skills are up to their level.

“In the area of politics we have proved that we are in fact not just above our erstwhile colonisers, but we are a determined nation that cannot stand colonialism anymore, cannot stand neo-colonialism anymore.

“We continue forever to resist our country once again being subjected to outsiders.

“And that is the challenge that those of us who are young, who see the legendary tracks we have charted.

“And follow them the same way as we saw the legends like Mbuya Nehanda, Kaguvi who had fought the white man because they had no right to usurp their right of possession and ownership of Zimbabwe, even the possession of the natural resources of Zimbabwe, let alone, the right of sovereignty over their natural resources.”

He added: “That is the environment we have created by booting out the British, the Afrikaaners from our land.
“And we have done that yes for our sake, but for your sake also, you who are our younger people; to have the clear environment in which you can operate and for future generations.

“This is the Zimbabwe we have created and still are struggling to create. We shall always stand ready to defend it. To defend it we must be united.”

President Mugabe traveled to Iran for the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani, with a delegation that included Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba.

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