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Motoring Public Cautioned Ahead of Public Holiday


Gwendoline Mugauri

As the nation prepares for the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day holidays, Government has warned the motoring public to exercise extreme caution on the roads to avoid road traffic accidents and fatalities.

There is usually increased traffic on the roads during public holidays.

According to a press statement issued yesterday, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo cautioned public transport operators against the use of defective vehicles, driving under the influence of alcohol, overloading and speeding driven by the need to capitalize on profits as it places travelers under risk.  

“I would like to appeal to operators of passenger carrying public service vehicles, as well as private motorists not use defective unroad-worthy vehicles in an effort to maximize profits during the holidays.

“May I also take this opportunity to remind operators that they are obliged to provide the services authorized interms of their Route Authority and to adhere to timetables. It is the obligation of the operator to ensure that their buses are not overloaded, drivers are not under the influence of alcohol and to encourage their drivers to stick to the regulated speed limits. I thus urge you to provide a safe and timeous service which should see everybody being transported to their destinations safely,” he said.

Minister Gumbo further extended the warning to owners of public transport vehicles not to overwork their drivers, which results in them being fatigued, unable to adhere to their timetables and traffic regulations posing threats to human life. He said: “My ministry will deal decisively with any operators whose drivers behave in a manner that disregards the sanctity of human life.”

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) has been directed to deploy task teams to ensure that sanity on the roads prevails.

According to the 2016 statistics on record, 13 people were killed, while 67 others were injured in 101 road traffic accidents that were recorded countrywide during the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day holidays. Eight of the accidents were fatal. During the period under review, police impounded 134 defective vehicles and issued 8 377 tickets to motorists for committing various offences.

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