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Tertiary Institutions: Drivers of Economic Transformation


Gwendoline Mugauri

Tertiary institutions should be the major drivers of economic change through their innovative production of technological interventions facilitated by research and development, the University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor has said.

Speaking during the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Research Week Closing Ceremony last week, UZ Vice Chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura said the change required by the industry and commerce sectors for the nation’s economic transformation lies within institutions of higher learning.

“The research week is intended to showcase what the institution is doing interms of the efforts it is making to solve the problems that the country is facing. We also wanted the industry and commerce sectors to see the kinds of technological solutions and products we are coming up with, that could help in reviving the industries that are collapsing.

“Our research undergoes innovation which leads to the development of technological products and solutions which can then translate into creation of enterprises.

“This is the development plan that we have and we want the private sector to note that this is UZ of the twentieth century. Tertiary institutions should lead in economic change since they are able to produce individuals who are innovative and can go beyond the normal thinking capacity. We are development oriented, highly progressive and focused on providing solutions to the challenges faced by the country,” he said.

Professor Nyagura said the only assistance they required from government was the guarantee of an enabling environment for the procurement of viable business ventures.   

The UZ Research Week, ran from July 24 to 29 under the theme “University of Zimbabwe: Serving the nation through research, innovation and strategic partnership. The research week saw oral presentations of research work from various thematic disciplines and awarding of prizes to the best researched projects.

The research week was attended by the representative of the International Institute for Human Factor Development Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo, government officials from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, academic researchers, lecturers, teachers, local and international students. 

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