Ballot paper printing finalised! – ZEC


By Gwendoline Mugauri

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has declared that designing and printing of the presidential ballot paper has already been finalised – despite pressured demands by the MDC Alliance and other political players to be included in the logistical procedures.

Speaking to Ruvheneko Parirentatwa’s Election Debate Series on Capitalk FM last night, Justice Chigumba said it would be misleading to agree that the presidential ballot paper printing was still open to scrutiny – 15 days before the election.

“When I say its water under the bridge, its not an attempt to be arrogant but an attempt to communicate the fact that the design, the printing of the presidential ballot paper is done!” she said.

Justice Chigumba added that she did not blame the people of Zimbabwe for mistrusting the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission because of past experiences.

“I do not take it personally when Zimbabweans say they do not trust ZEC. Whatever that happened in the past did not happen in a single day, it was a process. So I have confidence in the people of Zimbabwe that they will allow us as a process as well to win back their trust,” she said.

On postal voting irregularities

Regarding postal voting conducted last week, Justice Chigumba said if any police officers were forced to vote in front of their commanders, they must lodge a formal complaint with the Commission to allow investigations into the matter to prevail.

This follows allegations on social media that some police officers at Ross Camp in Bulawayo were last week told to vote in front of their superiors during the postal voting process.

Justice Chigumba added if there are any aggrieved police officers they must use formal communication channels not social media.

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