By Jeffrey Murimbechi

Researchers in South Africa s..." /> "Agricultural reforms not an isolated government function" - SA researchers

"Agricultural reforms not an isolated government function" - SA researchers


By Jeffrey Murimbechi

Researchers in South Africa said that all facets of the agricultural food production value chain need to work in tandem, so as to give national programs such as Zimbabwe’s Command Agriculture the necessary impetus to stimulate real economic reforms. The communications manager for the South African Department of Science and Technology –National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence in Food security outlines the necessary elements Command Agriculture to thrive.

“Funding is a big issue, government support without funding and support from the market whether it is big companies or small ones. In South Africa we talk about market monopolies, government can fund and farmers can merge but without an avenue through which to sell their produce –then all of that effort is not useful.

It is important to converge the different players from the farmers, government and the private sector and members of society as well because there is a lot marketing to be done. Whether you call it organic farmed produce or other produce within society  it is always cheaper for communities to uptake this.

One big step towards agricultural reforms in the economy is to create small economies within environments we live in,” she said

She was speaking after a panel discussion at the at a media workshop, on the eve of the South African Science Forum at the CSRI Centre in Pretoria.

Her panel discussion was focused on media and how to report of the Fourth Industrial revolution as a way to get an opportunity to capture the imagination of the public.

Zimbabwe launched Command agriculture as an agricultural industrious stimulus whose success increased its investment to $400 million this year.


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